Volunteer Teams 'Make a Difference'
19th June 2013
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This blog has been written by the James Hopkins Trust


A lot of local companies allow their employees to take a day off work and go out into the community and support a charity, by helping with a physical task such as painting or decorating. This is beneficial to the charity by them not having to pay for the work and often equipment, but it also helps the employees with team building and the company by showing they have a commitment to corporate social responsibility.

During 2012 here at the James Hopkins Trust we had a record year with a total of 17 teams helping us in various way, so a big thank you to all the teams and companies involved.

Below is a quick description from one of those teams from Ecclesiastical Insurance.

We all arrived at 9am where we were met by the charity's founder Vance Hopkins, who gave us a tour of the facility and made us aware of the jobs needed doing. These were as follow:

Painting the nurses office, painting the hallway, trimming and cutting back trees, clearing and staining 2 separate decking areas, mowing the lawns in the garden and weeding the patio area.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and felt extremely humbled as we were being shown around the facility, listening to the wonderful work that the charity does, feeling inspired to work as hard as we could to complete all the tasks.

We look forward to donning our overalls again soon to five something back to the community!


Could you volunteer for the James Hopkins Trust?

As you know, we rely heavily on our band of volunteers to support all our activities whether it's mowing the lawn, selling raffle tickets, manning a stall or collecting a cheque on our behalf. We are extremely lucky to have such loyal supporters who generously give up their time whether it be an hour or so a year or several times throughout the year. 

However, we really do need to recruit new volunteers to add to our team to help share the ever increasing activities! If you are able to volunteers any time at all and would be happy to go on our database of volunteers please let us know. There is no pressure what so ever to commit any number of hours. We simply email our requests and if you can help that's great, but if not simply ignore it until you are able to help. We would be delighted to hear from you!


Get in touch with the James Hopkins Trust here - www.jameshopkinstrust.org.uk 


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