Training recovery ... have you though of it?
8th June 2012
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Have you thought about your training recovery?

Here at the Hardwicke & Quedgeley Chiropractic Clinic, we can offer recovery massage for anyone starting a new training program or taking part in sporting events.

After an event, people will take different times to recover-from weeks to months or more.  A recovery massage session can help to speed up this process. It can help to prevent tired muscles from staying short or going into spasm.

Recovery massage increases blood flow, improves circulation and increases range of movement. It flushes any waste products (such as lactic acid) towards the lymphatic system and out of the body to improve the healing process. Leave it a couple of days before having your recovery massage session, try to keep moving little and often for the first few days after your event. Keep well hydrated and ensure your diet has plenty of carbohydrates, protein and some sodium.

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