Tom Foolery's Thousand Frog Project
21st September 2010
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Tom Foolery’s

Thousand Frog Project


I have been racking my brains over what I could do for appeal. One of my interests besides magic is origami my passion does outweigh my skill. If you ever get to see work by Robert Lang or Michael G, LaFosse it really is beautiful turning origami into a real art form.


Sorry I will get back on track, the usual challenge for origami enthusiasts is to make a thousand peace cranes and them send them to the “The Children’s Peace Monument” at Hiroshima. I will like to do this at some point in the future but for now I thought I could make a thousand origami frogs for the appeal.

Plus with frogs there are a lot more frog designs than there are peace cranes so it will keep my interest.


I am doing this as a sponsored challenge you could sponsor me per frog which could turn out rather expensive or one amount if I complete the challenge. I hope to give everyone who sponsors me a frog and then sell the rest at the Christmas bazaarr


I will be starting the 1000 frog project on the 1st October and finishing on the 1st December before my silly season starts..


Origami comes from two Japanese words “ori” meaning to fold and “kami” meaning paper. Paper folding originated in China in about the first or second century, reaching Japan in the 6th century. Many people will remember Robert Harbin’s television programs and books on origami in the 70’s.


If you would like to follow my progress you can look for me on Facebook Thousand Origami Frog Project.


Tom Foolery

(aka Tom Arnold)

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