The New VoltisHome Unit - saving you money!
4th July 2012
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Introducing Voltis Home, available fully installed by DMXpressions in Gloucester.


Although Voltage Optimisation has been around for a long time, it is far from a new technology.  It has however, been vacant from the domestic market right up until late 2010.

On the market today there are a number of units designed and manufactured by various different companies, all of which have their merrits.  The latest of these voltage optimisation units though is the VoltisHome which is made by Marshall Tufflex.  Whilst the fundamentals of the technology remain the same, the VoltisHome unit activly monitors your incoming voltage and your demand then adjusts itself to maximise the potential savings.


Reduces energy usage and carbon footprint

Increases the life of household appliances

Substantial savings on your electricity bills

Easy to install by a qualified electrician

Greater savings compared to other systems


How does Voltis Home work?

In the UK, electricity is supplied at around 240Volts, which compared to most countries is high. Electrical equipment manufacturers produce electrical products to suit the whole world and therefore their products are able to work across a wide voltage range, anywherebetween 207Volts and 253Volts.This wasted energy not only costs you money, it also causes your appliances to wear out more quickly. This is because they deal with the extra voltage by generating extra heat, light or vibration.

So as well as saving on your rising electricity bill, you will also save by not having to change your light bulbs so often.


Voltis Home and alternative energy sources

Voltis Home can be installed alongside other alternative energy source installations. Please click here to view a typical installation diagram


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