Reducing food waste
15th March 2012
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Found some useful tips on how to optimise your recycling ...

  • a good proportion of food waste can be avoided by careful shopping.  Plan ahead with your food choices and make sure you are not buying unecessarily.
  • cook only what you need to eat - so no need to throw away uneaten food.
  • people seem to have forgotten about cold meats and bubble and squeak! Re-use food for the next days menu .. cold meats in sandwiches or with a salad?
  • Get the kids involved in the recycling so they can see how important it is not to have waste.
  • look into home composting.

Once the food waste has been taken from your home, it goes through a process called in-vessel composting .. the final product is then sold to farmers and the public for use on gardens and crops.

For more info on recycling and you can help ... click  here!


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