Petition to Return Statue to Trafalgar Square Gains Momentum
12th August 2009
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Edward Jenner discovered the vaccine against small pox and was the Father of Immunology.  His statue used to stand on the fifth plinth in Trafalgar Square but was moved to Kensington Gardens in 1862. 


A campaign has been launched to return his statue in his 260th Anniversary year.


The 30th anniversary of the World Health Organiisation announcing world eradication of smallpox is next year and the Edward Jenner museum wants to honour  the doctor’s contribution to saving millions of lives by relocating his statue to its original site.


Edward Jenner our local Gloucestershire country doctor received worldwide recognition after his smallpox discovery on  May 14 1796 and received various international honours.

To sign the online petition on the No 10 Downing Street site to return Jenner’s statue to Trafalgar Square go to

or visit the museum’s website

and follow the link from there.

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