Gloucester's Bikini Bathroom's Good Samaritan
26th March 2012
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They do exist!!! Good Samaritans that is!

Well at least they do at Bikini Bathrooms ... Here's a story, just had to share with you:

Keith from Bikini Bathrooms Gloucester was travelling to see his mum on Mothers Day. He had stopped off at a fuel station on the Longford bypass, where he met a very distraught elderly lady who had lost her way to her granddaughter's house. Keith offered to check the address in his sat-nav for her, but quickly realised that the address was actually in Cheltenham and the lady, already confused and upset, wouldn't have been able to process the directions! So like a real knight in shining armour, he asked the lady follow him all the way to the door of her daughter's house in Cheltenham, even though he was heading the Forest! The lady concerned was obviously very thankful.

Back at work on the Monday, Bikini Bathrooms receive an email from the elderly lady's granddaughter ...

“I am writing to express my thanks to one of your employees who came to the aid of my elderly grandmother on Sunday 18 March.

She was driving from Stonehouse to my home on the edge of Cheltenham but after taking completely the wrong turn at the M5 roundabout onto the A40 towards Gloucester, she ended up lost and in a panic at the Shell garage on the Longford bypass!

Also at the garage was a gentleman driving one of your firm's vans, who came to the rescue and was kind enough to put my address into his sat-nav and drive the few miles here so my grandmother could follow him in her car.

I did not get the name of this Good Samaritan and was only able to call out a 'thank you' from my front door as he drove away but my grandmother was extremely grateful for his help and kindness - I hope you are able to pass this on.

With thanks again,

Michelle Stamp
Springbank, Cheltenham”

So there you have it … Well Done Keith aka Good Samaritan … for restoring faith in human nature!

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