Barnwood Park is GREAT!
5th September 2012
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Barnwood Park and Arboretum has been awarded the Green Flag Award for the 5th time. This award is owned by Gloucester City Council and managed by the Barnwood Park 'friends' group with support from council staff. For more information see

Summer Visitors If you go into the Arboretum at the moment you may see the 3 Dexter cattle that were brought here at the end of July for grazing. The Dexters (Tish, Gussie and Malcolm) belong to a smallholding in Minchinhampton and are ideal for conservation graxing/ They will be here until sometime in Spetember. Dexter cattle are not aggressive and usually shy away from people and from dogs. However, for everyones saftey they are asking visitors to keep dogs on a lead, to closely supervise children and avoid startling the cattle.

Improved Path Following the requests from residents for improvements to the path to prevent wet muddy feet in areas where pooling was happening, the In Touch team persuaded Gloucester CIty Council to upgrade a large part of the path in Barnwood Park substantially. They improved drainage and installed additional compact gravel on the existing path and we think they've done a great job.

Flood Prevention Works Gloucester City Council is investigating a replacement trash screen at the Church Lane end of Barnwood Park at the weir. The current trash screen is difficult to clean the traps smaller items of debris leading to larger items becoming blocked behind them. THis is a greast concern to local residents. The City Counicl are discussing these proposals with the environment agency to seek permission and explore possible funding of the scheme.

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