10 facts and myths that cost your business money every day!
17th August 2010
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Take a look at Cartridge World's TOP TEN TIPS on how to save money for your business through low cost, high quality printer cartridges - including refills!



1. Printer Manufacturers' own cartridges offer value for money. MYTH.

Choose Cartridge World and you will enjoy massive savings compare to the cost of branded cartridges.


2. Printer manufacturers maintain that to get the best possible print quality, you need to use their cartridges. MYTH.

Cartridge World replacement cartridges outperformed the printers leading manufacturers' alternative for three our of four printers in tests by leading technology reviews website trustedreviews.com


3. Manufacturers' say that to produce prints that will stand the test of time, their cartridges give the best results. MYTH.

In the same tests, Cartridge World ink proved durable, fade and smudge resistant in real life conditions, matching the performance of HP and Canon's own inks', point for point.


4. larger manufacturers also state that refilled cartridges won't work when you place them in your printer. MYTH.

Trustedreviews.com noted that Cartridge World's replacement cartridges ALL worked perfectly first time.


5. Printer manufacturers claim you get more prints out of their cartridges than refilled. MYTH.

Cartridge World cartridges, which cost less than HP's OEM versions on all counts, produced impressive page yeild numbers too. It's black, cyan and magenta cartridge generated about 70% more pages than the HP cartridge and it's yellow cartidge churned out 80% more!


6. Printer manufacturers say only their cartridges use specially developed inks and toners to get the best performance from their machines. MYTH.

So does cartridge World! The inks and toners used by Cartridge World are specially formulated in order to match that of your original cartridge. This guarantees the print quality will be the same, if not better than before.


7. They also say that you shouldn't use refilled cartridges as they are 'used' and therefore unreliable and inferior quality. MYTH.

Cartridge World replace all worn and moving parts of the cartridge, then test them to ensure optimum performance before they leave the premises. So they are effectively 'as good as new'. 


8. Although many other manufacturers say not to use refilled cartridges, they still offer their own recycling scheme and sometimes , if you look closely, you'll see their 'new' cartridges include 'recycled materials', 're-conditioned parts' and 're-moulded materials'! FACT.

Re-use is better for the environment than recycling. Independant studies have shown the carbon footprint of a refilled laser cartridge is upto a 3rd less than that of a 'new' cartridge.


9. Printer manufacturers' own cartridges are easily available online. In store, however, it's less certain that the cartridge you need will be in stock without ordering it in advance. FACT.

We offer a FREE collection and delivery service, in most instances on the same day, to save you time, money and effort


10. Other manufacturers may also lead you to believe that using third party cartridges invalidates your printer warranty. MYTH.

Using Cartridge Wolrd cartridges will not invalidate your warranty. What's more, in the unlikely event that one of our cartridges causes damage to your equipment, we'll fully reimburse your repair charges.

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