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Local magazine publishing just got a lot more relevant, thanks to The Link Directories in Gloucester!

So we can download world news at a click, but it's getting harder to keep in touch with what's going on our doorstep, right here in Gloucester. Well not any more. Local magazine publishing has taken a huge step forward with The Link Directories Magazine.



The Link Directories  are unique: a local magazine printed and published in Gloucester, especially for the people of Abbeydale and Abbeymead. Advertising local services and giving readers a genuinely local slant on events, The Link Directories keep thousands of Gloucester residents in touch and in-the-know.



It's not just a great source of local news and views; it's a great (and inexpensive form of advertising). The Link Directories  magazine reaches over five thousand people; that means a further five thousand local customers finding out all about your business or service.



  • A full page magazine ad costs just £60 - Or take out a six issue ad package and save 15%!
  • Half page and quarter page magazine ads are available at £35 and £21 respectively
  • Take out a double page spread to give your local business the coverage it deserves
  • Quoted prices are for standard black and white publishing in the A5 magazine. (Oh and there's no VAT on top of that, so the price you see really is the price you pay.)
  • Whether you're a potential advertiser or a local reader, you can find out much more about Abbey-Link Magazine at their magazine publishing website:


This isn't just magazine publishing, but community minded publishing. The Link Directories bring people together; it keeps local businesses alive and keeps residents completely up-to-date. It's not a 'throwaway' magazine; it's a lasting reference publication, it's an essential part of our local community.

The Link Directories ... get in touch with the local community




Call Sarah on Gloucester


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Please mention thebestof Gloucester when contacting The Link Directories.
Thank You!

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