When would you use an expert?
25th June 2012
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We are presently building 3 new websites one for each of the businesses.

I have had fun researching stuff to put on the websites, looking at information that will be appealing to all types of customers.

It is surprising how many ideas that you can find, we want the sites to be user friendly and to supply you with lots of information that is easy for you to access and helpful. Also the technical information we want to share to help you understand why it is important to maintain your property and service your boiler regularly and not just when it breaks down in the middle of winter and leaves you without heating and hot water for days!

Alan,Robert and Matthew always do their best to look after our customers providing them with knowledge of repair works that we will be carrying out and the reasons why we feel that will be the best way to maintain the safety and value of your property large or small,domestic or commercial.

We value the expert knowledge of our web designer, we need his help to build the websites for us. He treats us with care and courtesy and explains to us the reason for constructing websites in certain ways to achieve certain results. It is great being able to trust him to do a job which we consider to be difficult as we are not equipped with the knowledge to do it. In the same way, we hope we will be considered to be experts for our customers - qualified in areas which they are not, and cheerfully willing to help them with all sorts of jobs needing done on their properties.

We know we have saved money and time and will get a better result from our website designer than anything we could produce ourselves.

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