7th October 2012
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This friendly local team of solicitors based right here in Gerrards Cross, at 52 Packhorse Road, have been doing a fantastic job recently according to their satisfied clients.

Specialising in Road Traffic and Criminal Defence, Jonothan Moss and his team have been praised for helping their clients to get through some of the worst times of their lives.

Let me just share these two testimonials below with you (there are others attached to their feature that you can look at) but I’d like you to see these two so that you can appreciate just how much of a heart this fabulous local firm really has…

Eddie B said about Moss and Co Solicitors

Dear Sherril,

I want to thank you so very much for all the hard work you did on my behalf. As long as I live, I will never forget what you have done for me and the fact you stood by me from the very start.

This has been a major life changing event for me. A time in which I have lost so much, not homes, money or possessions, but greater things such as love, respect and the pain of hurting those I loved the most, also feeling I was losing my mind.

I will get better and I will be stronger and that is because you gave me the opportunity to do so. I have cried so many times in this last year because I am not a bad man, and I have compassion and sympathy.

I will never get over this but thanks to you I at least have a future.

Thank you so much. Please thank Jonothan for me.


Josh B said about Moss and Co Solicitors

For anyone considering using Moss and co, as an extremely satisfied client, please let me tell you what a pleasure it was to be looked after by Jon and his helpful, talented team.

I was wrongly accused of 14 charges and would have been facing a sentence of anywhere up to life, as you can imagine this was a frightening experience for me and one of the most frightening choices to be made is who I trust to fight for my freedom.

In this case I made the right decision by going with Moss And Co, Jon and his team worked closely with me over an 11 month period, giving me all the time and attention that was needed to build my case well. They were very patient with me and answered all my many, many questions I had and helped me make the right decisions.

I would like to make special thanks to Jon for helping put together the best deal he could within my budget and instantly making me feel I was in safe hands, to Jeevan for being there during my police interview and actively making sure the police were as fair as they can be and working within the law, to Sherril for all her relentless efforts throughout the process and being there even past office hours to answer all my question and reassure me, to Miss Marsh for her indescribable performance in the court room and the many hours of her time and attention she clearly devoted to fully grasping the many important details in my case, and finally but not the least Miss Dee Connolly for her brilliant performance in the court room and all the many hours she put in learning my case plus her quick response to new material presented by me even in the eleventh hour.

Once more all my thanks to the whole team, words cannot express how truly grateful I am that I had you all with me throughout one of the most challenging times in my life.


Now it is not unusual for businesses featured on thebestofgerrardscross to get good testimonials, after all that's what thebestof is all about. We let you know about the best businesses in your local area as well as acting as a hub of local information for the benefit of the whole of the local community, so why did I particularly want to share these testimonials for Moss & Co with you like this? Quite simply, the thankfulness in these testimonials really was outstanding.

Not long after I received the first of these, I had a conversation with Jonothan Moss in which I told him quite frankly that I was bowled over by the sincerity of the testimonials he was getting.

I wanted to know what it was about him and his team that led his clients to be so sincere in their praise and their thanks. Jonothan grinned in that modest way he has, he is not someone who would blow his own trumpet like this, and he told me simply that the firm as a whole were doing their very best to care for their clients through some very rough times.

He went on to tell me that they have always treated clients well, but lately they had made even more efforts to give as much time for each client as was needed to psychologically mentor and care for them through the whole process and turmoil of court proceedings.

Jonothan explained that most of his clients see him and his team at Moss & Co Solicitors at the worst times in their lives. He and his team simply wanted to help their clients believe that someone cared how they felt about everything they were having to deal with and get through.

He’s that kind of man though, very sincere; and you rarely see Jonothan Moss around Packhorse Road outside his offices because he is always working on behalf of his latest clients.

However, Jonothan Moss and his dedicated team ARE here in our midst in Gerrards Cross, even if you might not notice him or his colleagues around and about much; and you know what, I just wanted to share this with you all because I really think Moss & Co deserve a bit of a pat on the back for being so very dedicated and caring to their clients. What do you think?

A big pat on the back for everyone at Moss & Co, it’s good to know we have such a smashing bunch right here in Gerrards Cross!

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