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I've been seeing Nic almost since he began having been almost written off as a runner after back surgery. The rest is history - after 16 years I am still running and winning prizes. To be able to walk properly and sit for more than 10minutes again would have been enough but to be given the confidence to run to a higher level than ever before has been my breath of life. He understands, he heals, he inspires.
friendly relaxed clinic that has helped with my back problems and sorted them out
I am a 24 year old female Soldier and currently deployed in Afghanistan. Due to my work responsibilities i have to carry a lot of weight on my back, as you can imagine this causes a lot of stress to it. After visiting Nic in Eye i felt i had grown a couple of inches and the relief i felt afterwards was amazing. Highly recommended to anyone with back problems. Thank you
I suffered for some time with neck and back pain which was causing me constant headaches,i now go for treatment when i feel it is needed to keep pain free.
Nic really got me straightened out - literally!! After years of struggling with a lop sided posture with one hip visibly higher than the other and regular bouts of low back pain, four visits to Nic had me standing straight and tall and my back has given me no further problems. I will definitely be attending Nic's back pain clinic for check up sessions to keep me pain free from now on.
Friendly ,and he make you feel alot better,QUICKLY,Well worth a visit i am going to start going just for a check up ,like he said to me which is most important your back or your teeth ,,,well you get your teeth checked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The best back Mot around, without which I would have probably seized up by now. Nic at the Back Care Clinic gets it; backs are functional and without which I would not get to 'do' - none of us would...highly recommended. Leanne F
The treatment and information that I received from Nic Aldous at the Back Care Clinic really helped me! The constant pain in a small area of of my lower back that I had endured for the last three years, just disappeared after only three treatments.
After being in terible pain with my back for years, I was told about Nic and his Back Care Clinic in Eye Suffolk. Meeting Nic was a total pleasure as he totaly understands what his patients are going through and has so much time and advice to give. After spending huge ammounts over the years on other treatments I found it hard to believe that after only a few visits to Nic my back pain was easing and now almost all the time has gone. Thank you Nic for all your kindness and for the treatment you gave me which has made such an incredible difference to my life. I will continue to recommend you to others who are suffering. Andy
Absolutely LOVE the relief from pain endured prior to the treatment. LOVE the fact that once pain relief is achieved, only need to visit as and when further relief is required.
Absolutely LOVE the relief from pain endured prior to the treatment. LOVE the fact that once pain relief is achieved, only need to visit as and when further relief is required.
LOVE the care LOVE the treatment LOVE the relaxed atmosphere and most of all LOVE the relief achieved after treatment has been administered.
Anyone with a back problem, Nick Aldous knows how to sort it out and make you feel ten times better. I have known Nick for many years and has been able to create improvements, when others have given up. Highly recommended. Dan Neuteboom
I was immobilized by Sciatica about 9 years ago when I was recommended this amazing back guy called Nic Aldous. He straighten me out over the course of a few sessions and provided me with a much-needed education on how to take care of my back for a pain-free future. In my opinion, this is what makes Nic better than the rest...
Nic has gone the extra mile to help me over the years with my back problem having had different treatments he is the only person who has been able to help remedy my problems.
With my history of bad back from a slipped disk, the Back Care Clinic sorted me out so now I am running again and never feeling any pain. Nic Aldous is one awesome dude!
Having suffered with backpain in the past I finally went to the BackPain Clinic appropximately ten years ago. From being unable to stand straight and in considerable pain (at that time) I now lead an active life and pop in for an MOT when needed; in the knowledge that it will be sorted and I will soon be pain free again. Nic is fantastic at what he does and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you, Nic!
I have suffered with severe back, neck and shoulder pain for many years and have had all of the usual physio, manipulation, ultra sound & acupuncture etc etc. After moving to Suffolk last August I decided to pay a visit to the Back Pain Clinic in Eye. The treatments that I received have really helped to reduce the pain quite significantly. The staff are very helpful and once they are happy that your treatments have helped/worked they do not pressure you into keep booking more appointments which is not what I have experienced in the past. I would strongly recommend that you give them a try.
Without Nic to call on for my back pain I wouldnt have been able to cope, especially throughout my pregnancies my back was under a huge amount of strain and Nic always managed to instantly take the pain away, I am very grateful for that. I still go to see to him for regular appointments and always feel so much better afterwards :-)
I have had 'back problems' since about 1998 and had lots of treatment for regular flare ups of pain and discomfort. Since starting to see Nic in 2007 I no longer think of myself as having a 'bad back'. My posture is better, I walk taller and rarely, if ever, have episodes even of discomfort. I see Nic 3 monthly for routine checks which keep me on course. I highly recommend him!
I have suffered with lower back pain for too many years to remember ! Nic's revolutionary method of treatment , supported by the straightforward exercises he has taught me , has helped reduce the pain I have been suffering from and kept me on the move ! I am extremely pleased with the result of Nic's treatment and continue to have regular checkups . Guy W
Having suffered acute neck and back pain as the result of a road accident I was extremely fortunate to be recommended to Nic by a friend. I could not believe that after only four sessions the movement in my neck was improved and the pain reduced by 80%. Nic carried out the treatments in a totally professional manner which made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Jackie Mason
I was fortunate enough to find Nic Aldous when I moved to Suffolk. Having suffered acute neck and back pain as a result of a road accident I was desperate to find treatment to make my life bearable. How lucky was I! After only 4 sessions my movement was so much better and my pain reduced by 80%. Nic behaves in a completely professional manner and made me feel comfortable and relaxed which is so important to me as a woman.
Nic has transformed my everyday life. I have had a chronic lower back condition for many years and was told I had inflammation in various joints and the only solution was steroid injections and life long drugs. A friend recommended I see Nic before I began steroids etc.. After three treatments I have no inflammation, am pain free and have started a walking/running fitness regime. Amazing! I plan to continue to see Nic regularly for check ups.
I cannot rate Nic's treatment highly enough. After visiting him for just three 45 minute sessions I was pain free from what had been an excrutiating and limiting back problem. His multi-level approach was really effective and two months later I am still well. I've also booked a check-up to make sure that I keep it all in good order!
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