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Relax offers a range of complimentary therapies including hypnotherapy and relaxation therapy enabling people to overcome their fears and enjoy life.

Relaxation for Dental Patients

The waking mind is always active, and sometimes worries and anxieties can intensify mental activity and leave you feeling stressed and wrung out. Relaxation therapy simply aims to focus the mind and provide techniques for dealing with worries and anxieties, thus inducing relaxation - the opposite of the body's stress response - and a feeling of rest.

Although relaxation therapy is a form of hypnotherapy, any misconceptions about hypnosis should be put right; hypnotherapy does not involve being put into hypnosis, or a deep sleep, and you cannot be made to do anything you would not ordinarily do. It is simply a way of relaxing the conscious and subconscious mind, so that you can take on board positive suggestions in order to alter some behavioural habit or addiction - something you already have a desire to change about yourself. For example, hypnotherapy can be used to help stop smoking, or to alleviate anxieties or stress related to a particular activity, like dental treatment!

In one 30-minute session Sandra Jones DHP our relaxation therapist can teach patients a simple deep relaxation technique which enables complete relaxation and also enables you to think clearly and react normally to almost any situation that may cause anxiety.

For extremely nervous patients more than one session may be required but almost everyone will feel the benefits after just one session.

Relaxation therapy is safe; it uses the patients own natural abilities.  

Sandra Jones DHP

Sandra Jones is a relaxation therapist with ten years of experience in relaxation techniques and over 20 years experience in dentistry, working as a dental nurse. She practices meditation, reiki, indian head massage and relaxation therapy, and has worked with a variety of clients including Women's Refuge and Suffolk Family Carers.

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