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Surveyors who offer a cost-effective and professional service to the people of Ipswich and East Anglia

AT SB Surveyors we offer a comprehensive and professional service to the people of Ipswich and East Anglia.

Offering almost every type of surveying requirement, our business aim is to provide a cost-effective professional service to help you meet your objectives.

Here at SB Surveyors we concentrate on providing you with a service to assist you in maximising the use of your property assets and in resolving your property requirements.

SB Surveyors are very well-placed to help with your property issues because our knowledge of the property market is so vast.

From estate management to planning and development through letting and sale of land, telecoms, boundaries, wayleaves and easements, SB Surveyors are the professional surveyors you can trust.

Our promise is that our knowledge will help you

Serving Ipswich, East Anglia and beyond


Our professional services include:-

Survey plans

  • We can provide Area measurement, plan preparation, advice on Ordnance Survey plans and their use.


  • Advice on grant applications, site reviews, promotion, marketing and contractual arrangements.

Land and Farm valuations

  • Helping you secure the best terms for your purchase or re-finance.

Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax

  • Valuation and planning your property ownership - SB Surveyors can assist.

Woodland and Conservation grants

  • We can advise on how to maximise benefits to you.

Building Repair and Maintenance

  • At SB Surveyors, a comprehensive service is available.

Lakes, Ponds and Waterways

  • Maximise conservation, fishing or sporting value, including grant advice.

Woodland and Forestry

  • Let us design, submit your grant application for planting, and manage your new or existing woodland.

Boundary disputes

  • We can survey your boundaries, review deeds, legal documents and maps. 


Footpath, Bridleway, Byway and Private Rights of Way

Telecommunications Masts

Wayleave and Easements

At SB Surveyors, we can assist with all these


Ipswich, East Anglia and beyond

The surveying specialists


Planning - Barns and plots to Houses and Businesses

  • A full planning and development service.

Farm Business Tenancies

  • As professional surveyors, we want to help you avoid disputes for letting or management of land.

Agricultural Law

  • Helping you resolve your Tenancy and other issues. At SB Surveyors we have extensive knowledge of these issues.

Farm and Rural Management

  • Maximise the benefits from your farm or estate assets.

Sales of Rural Buildings Plots/Barn and Development sites

  • A comprehensive, professional service to assist you with your property sale.

Acquisition of Investment Properties

  • Advice and assistance with property purchase.

Residential Lettings and Property Management

  • Advertising, arranging lettings and supervision of tenants, at SB Surveyors, we can assist throughout.

Appraisal of Agricultural Planning Applications

  • AT SB Surveyors we can support your application for planning consent for an agriculturally restricted dwelling and give advice on lifting planning conditions.

Property Repair and Refurbishment

  • SB Surveyors offer full advice on this.

Property Valuations

  • Valuations for your accounts, purchase, sale and other purposes. 

 Our property expertise is second to none and we will help you maximise your property ownership, occupation or environment

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