The end of 'Fat Club'
7th March 2012
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I can hardly believe that's nine weeks of 'fat club' been and gone!  That's not all that's been and gone, no, a whole 12lbs of blubber have disappeared with them!  Impressed?  I am anyway.  Who would have thought that healthy eating and exercise would have that effect on the body?  

I won't bore you all too much with the details but I'm eating so much more protein which is having a knock on effect to my energy levels, skin, hair, nails etc and I'm sure the butcher, fishmonger and health food shops of Dunfermline are delighted too!  Thomas Johnston in Dunfermline may win awards for his sausages but I can confirm that the leaner cuts of meat, chicken etc are of excellent quality and good for the healthy eating plan.  You obviously can't beat a bit of fish when it comes to lean protein and like to pop into H S Murray in Inverkeithing when I'm down that way.  

Anyway, I proudly declared to the Fitness Instructor who weighed me on Monday that I won't go back to my old way of eating, I seriously hope this is true and if you see me looking lardy in the future please remind me of this declation.  

Fancy having a go yourself?  Have a look at this NHS link providing details of NHS support and other slimming groups  

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