The end is nigh!
25th January 2012
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The end is nigh!  The end of January that is, I can see the finishing line!  If you remember I promised you an update on my healthy living regime and I'm sure you've all been waiting expectently, haven't you?  

So when I left you last I was undecided on how to proceed.  I'm sure you've all be beside yourselves with curiosity as to the outcome and I can now confirm that I have gone for the option of the gym's own fat club classes.  Now I have belonged to this particular gym for almost three years and I am now much fatter than I was when I joined?  How can this possibly be?  I was much more slender when I used the Council facilities?  Did I think that by joining a 'posh' gym I would be doing a higher quality of exercise, burning more calories and therefore able to eat more?  Not really sure what went wrong to be honest but I'm being a big (no pun intended) girl and facing up to realities.  Whichever gym or diet programme you follow the simple facts are that in order to stay within a healthy BMI lifestyle changes to both diet and exercise have to be put in place, I have read that this should be a 60/40 split, 40% exercise and 60% what you put in your gob! 

What has this new regime entailed I hear you ask?  Eating little and often seems to be the trick, plenty of protien, easy on the bread, plus fruit, nuts and veg, all washed down by copious amounts of green tea and water.  Is it working?  My skin feels great, I've got loads more energy, enjoying exercise again and the biggie, the scales?  Well, this is an interesting one, according to my scales I'm now 6lbs down (not bad going) but according to the gym's scales much less than this, I have put in a complaint to the gym accordingly as my scales must be accurate.  

I guess you are all looking for my top tips now?


  1. If you have a Smart Phone download My Fitness Pal, it's a great App for keeping track of your food and exercise.  Helps you keep to healthy foods, showing you the breakdown of foods you have consumed and how, through exercise, you can earn more calories to enjoy wine healthy snacks and treats.  
  2. If at all possible be weighed by young male fitness instructors, I underestimated the power of this, nothing has ever made me feel so old and fat but strangely determined to do something about the fat bit, unfortunately the old bit is not combatable as far as I'm aware.  
  3. Rope in a friend, you can support and encourage each other, so Look out for a more svelte Ask Girl Friday team around about Dunfermline in the near future.  
What next?  Onwards with the regime and downwards with the scales hopefully!  


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