Supermarket Sweep
18th January 2012
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Supermarkets have gotten too big for their boots and who have we got to blame?  Ourselves unfortunately, nobody else.  

No doubt it was great in the 70's when supermarkets started to pop up in every town, I'm sure some of us are old enough to remember, Fine Fare, William Low and Presto.  Supermarkets must have seemed like a dream, everything you could want under one roof.  Roll on to the year 2012 and the dream is beginning to transform into a nightmare, we now have the big players Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury and Morrisons all vying for their place in the market, all keeping prices high while maintaining that they are selling low.  We can't help ourselves though can we? These stores are the crack cocaine of the shopping world.  Meantime all around us our local shops are closing, oh how we will mourn at their graves while forgetting that we put helped put the final nail in the coffin.  

Being an addict to these stores myself I've had to have a good look in the mirror and ask "Why?  Why do I keep going back for more?", the answer is simple, convenience.  We all lead such busy lives it's easy to see that they have got us over a barrel and as long as the supermarkets keep pushing their particular brand of convenience, we'll keep going back for more.  

So I'm asking, would it really be so difficult to drop by the butcher, fishmonger or other local shop while out?  Probably not, I have done it before and always been delighted with the quality, price and service received, I for one will be making more effort to visit our small local shops in the future.  

It's not just the big guys who think that 'Every little helps'!

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