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30th November 2011
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A bargain always has great apeal regardless of whether there is a recession or not. I do not think British Culture has embraced the bargain world to the extent the Americans have, thankfully. The other night on TV I watched a programme about coupon addicts in America, they do not have ornaments in their houses, they have bottles of mustard etc, as they chuck out everything else in order to store their bargains! Who is realistically going to use 75 bottles of food colouring, if they sold it on I would understand but they don't. However there are great savings to be made, one lady paid under $5 for $600 in goods.

There are also the voucher type offers that normally relate to small businesses. Be wary of these as often they are not well thought out and can be socially irresponsible towards the businesses involved, have a look at a recent example of an offer gone wrong:http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/retailandconsumer/8904653/Groupon-demand-almost-finishes-cupcake-maker.html Don't worry the offer organisers always make a profit at the expense of the business.

An enterprising couple from Fife have started up an online business called grabagreatdeal.com The principle is that the website is a storage pool for special offers. Not only can you access offers but you can also post offers that you feel may be of benefit to others. All in all it is a great way to save money, I wish them the best success. Please have a look at the website, and in supporting them save yourself some money. www.grabagreatdeal.com

Enjoy all the Christmas offers and shop wisely.

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