School holidays ... again!
15th February 2012
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So the Schools in Fife are off again, doesn't seem like any time at all since the last round of holidays!  The question is what do you do with the little darlings when they are not otherwise occupied with their education?  

My boys are older now so past the softplay stage, no longer can we while away a few hours in the Play Planet.  The Cinema always proves popular but have you seen the price of a family ticket in the Odeon?  The obvious course of action is to get out and about in the beautiful Fife countryside, it's free, it's healthy and it's fun!  What did my boy's think of this idea?  They were not fussed in the least and decided to stay at home transfixed to their PCs and iPods while myself and my girls who go woof took off to Blairadam Forest, it was a glorious day, could hardly believe it was mid February.  

What about the boys?  They can't spend the next two days surgically attached to electronic gadgets or we will experience meltdown, I fully intend to find some alternative entertainment for them over the next two days, perhaps a swim at the Carnegie Centre pool or a trip to Lochore Meadows if the great weather continues!

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