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9th December 2011
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A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend on mine who owns the Sweet Stop in dunfermline, and she mentioned that putting a QR code up in her window had driven considerable traffic to her website.

This was like showing a bull a red rag, there was a marketing tool out there that really worked and I wanted to know more about it. I attended an online seminar and researched a little on the computer. To keep it simple a QR code is like a bar code that a smart phone can scan, and will then lead you directly to a pre designated site on the web.

Contrary to popular belief they dont have to be boring black and white images, and if you find the right designer you can even incorporate pictures as shown here, sorry my example is not a very exciting one, have a look at others on the web. http://www.qrstuff.com/

I lay awake one night wondering how I could incorporate QR codes either within my business or my member businesses. Suddenly I had a flash of inspiration which was to test it out on my car, I turned the computer on there and then and within 2 minutes had generated my code for free. In the morning I e mailed it to my sign writer and yesterday I had the stickers fitted, so do look out for me in Fife. I had to trust the sign writer as I do not have a smart phone, and therefore I might be driving around with anything on my car.....theres a challenge see if you can spot me and let me know if it links to the right site.

Otherwise I hope everyone survived hurricane BawBag without too much damage, I was at a twitter seminar at Carnegie Conference Centre and the projector screen was far from stationary as the winds battered the building, and that was in the morning! I scurried home as soon as the seminar was over.

Talking of storms, if anyone understands what is going on in Europe please explain it in laymans terms. It is one of those issues that is so important that everyone pretends they know what its all about, but they do they really understand fully?

Bawbag tailed off in about half an hour where I live, quite wierd how fast the wind dropped, lets hope the storm in Europe abates as quickly.

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