National Chain Goes Local.
21st May 2012
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Last week I attended the opening of the Puddledub butchery at Dobbies in Dunfermline.

It is a great breakthrough on the Buy Local front to see a large chain such as Dobbies incorporating  local businesses within their walls. Not only is it a breakthrough on this front, but due to the accessibility of Dobbies this will also serve to divert business from the supermarket chains to what is now a local butchery with great accessibility.

Tom Mitchell, speaking at the butchery opening event, said:

“I am delighted that, despite being a national chain, Dobbies is embracing local produce and ensuring that their butchery counter is run by someone local to the store who offers the best possible quality meat at the best possible prices."

As usual I urge you to Buy Local, and if you haven't already had the chance to visit the new butchery do go and have a look.

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