3rd April 2012
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Massage is not all about the gentle pampering by a beach or pool in a tropical climate as it is so often associated. While these massages are great and will help to de stress anyone, there is a more practical element  to massage too.
Anyone involve with sport will benefit from a sports massage because it not only enhances your performance, it also reduces the risk of injury and enables you to sustain your performance for longer over a longer period of time.


Athletes benefit from the kind of massage that will focus on issues such as the build up of stress in hypertonic muscle. This type of massage is not about lying down and relaxing while a therapist works on your muscles with gentle strokes, instead it is an active and interactive form of activity, which involves manipulation of soft tissue, flexing of joints, pressure on trigger points and deep intensive work on specific muscles. This is far from being a relaxing experience.

Massage also has the potential to help with a wide range of non sport related conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, back pain etc. We tend to forget what a vital role muscles play in our general wellbeing.

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