Lost Dogs in Dunfermline, Fife
21st March 2012
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Seems to have been a week for lost Dogs in the Dunfermline area.  A week ago I was heading home with one of my dogs and met a woman frantically shouting for her black Labrador, turns out he was lost on his walk that morning.  Unfortunately I had not seen an unaccompanied dog on my travels but assured the lady that I would do my best, phone the Police etc, if I did find him.  Ten minutes later and what did I see up the banking beside me but a black Lab!  Being me I acted first and thought later, calling the dog to me, convinced it was the missing boy, only for his owner to come up behind him.  Felt like a right idiot but I also had no opportunity to explain myself as firstly they were up a banking in a field and secondly the owner of the dog was deep in conversation on his mobile phone.  So Mr Black Lab Owner, if you are reading this, I apologise and I was not trying to dog nap your dog, got enough trouble with my own pack at home!  

At the weekend I was in Blairadam wood when I met a man who asked me if I had seen a golden labrador, turns out a lady had lost this dog and was cycling round trying to find him/her.  Unfortunately I didn't see this dog on my travels and can only hope that he/she was reunited with their owner.  

So, if you're a dog owner the chance of losing your 'best friend' while out has probably crossed your mind, I know it's certainly crossed mine.  Do you know what you would do?  This site http://www.lostdogs-scotland.org.uk/ has some great information.  

What about the missing black Lab I hear you ask, well the fantastic news is he has been reunited with his owners, you can read about him herehttp://www.lostdogs-scotland.org.uk/re-united-dogs/item/sambal?category_id=5

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