Ill Children = No Social Life
7th February 2012
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It comes to it when your entire social life seems to revolve around Business Networking and the gym, the reason for this?  Enter week three of ill children!  

I thought we was going to have a lovely night out the other weekend, all planned, a group of us were going to Kushis, I was salivating at the thought, but no it wasn't to be.  My husband went with our eldest son as somehow it was his turn and I stayed home with our ill at the time youngest.  They came home with tales of the best Tandoori Chicken in the world and Korma to die for, did they bring me was much as a takeaway Pakora?  No!!!  

All I can say is it's a good job that there are some excellent networking events in great venues in the Dunfermline area.  I was very impressed with my coffee from Grill48 at Dunfermline Talks business the other week, the networking wasn't bad either and today it was a pleasure to sit in the Clubhouse, Dalgety Bay, for Techie Brekkie.  Now I didn't eat this myself (what with my body being a temple, yada, yada) but two people at the table ordered the most amazing looking breakfast, French toast, Smoked bacon, Banana and Maple Syrup, mmmmm, it looked and smelled divine, pure torture for someone who is trying to be 'good'.  I am now plotting and scheming a return to The Clubhouse to have a sneaky leisurely morning, with a few trashy mags the broadsheets, copious amounts of coffee and The Clubhouse French Toast sounds like my idea of heaven!

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