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6th January 2012
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Just opening the door to Blogging and preparing to subject the people of Fife to my ramblings, rants and haverings!  

I've lived in Dunfermline now for almost 13 years and I think it's a great town, sad to see a few local businesses die off over the years and that's why The Best of Fife is such a great idea, promoting local business and encouraging the locals to support these businesses, we've got to do it, otherwise we end up with a bland town full of big chain shops, restaurants, pubs and cafes.  While the big chains have their place, afterall where would we be without world famous pants from M&S (other brands of pants are available) but it's the little guys, the locals who make our town special so let's support them and help them grow, have a look down the side streets, venture a little further than the Kingsgate Centre, you'll be amazed at what you find.  

That's quite a mellow little post on a subject close to my heart to get started, think I'm going to enjoy this blogging lark!  

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