Gorgeous Potions
7th July 2012
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Here is the first of a series of blogs highlighting unique and entrepenerial business ideas accross the county. This week the blog looks at the birth of Rachel Swanney's organic skincare range Gorgeous Potions.

Beauty is only skin deep but a Gorgeous Potion could bring out your natural beauty.  

Turning 40 five years ago began with a reaction to a skin product which left my face swollen, sore and dry which added to my panic of getting old! I changed my beauty regime including lovely organic products from Dr Hauschka and Liz Earle which worked really well but were slightly beyond my budget.  After a while I discovered a course where I was taught how to make my own products and had lots of fun choosing gorgeous natural oils and nourishing ingredients.

 Here began my business “Gorgeous Potions” as having discovered how to produce my potions without the “toil and trouble” but definitely a little “hubble bubble”, I began to make them for friends and family who were delighted with how they made their skins feel.  Taking the plunge 6 months ago I decided to take them to market and have been promoting them through craft fairs, small events and farmers markets.  My products are all handmade, totally vegan, full of organic oils and plant-based ingredients which are ethically sourced and I use natural essential oils to scent them. I feel strongly that minerals should not be used on the skin as they can ‘seal’ the skin, stopping the skin doing its job i.e. perspiring, regulating body temperature etc. Using luxurious ingredients which are known to benefit skins, I have developed moisturisers for different skins which are numbered (No.1 to No.4) rather than having a label which says your skin is old, oily or dried out! We want beautiful things in our bathrooms that don’t give all our secrets away.

 I began my career in beauty over 20 years ago as I’ve always loved giving people the feel good factor. I decided to take this further 9 years ago and trained to become a Homeopath which meant I could make people feel better as well as look better. Adding this to my knowledge of skins, I have been making products which can be used on skins with complaints such as psoriasis, eczema and itchy skins which without harsh detergents and full of soothing ingredients are a natural alternative to consider. So if you would like bespoke products made to suit your skin I am very happy to help.

If you would like more information on my products please check out my website:


or find me on facebook under “Gorgeous Potions” .

Enquiries regarding Homeopathy:


Rachel Swanney

MNCHM, Dip Hom Med. RsHom.

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