Ghost Train?
14th March 2012
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The face of Dunfermline is changing again.  Building work has now begun on the site of the old engine sheds between Leys Park Road and Appin Crescent.  As I understand it this will be a development of affordable housing built by Muirfield Contracts

In some ways it will be good to see this plot of overgrown land being used but in another way it's a bit sad to see some history disappearing.  

Thought you might like to see this picture, I can't take any credit for it but the my husband was messing about trying to take a new photo from exactly the same spot as an old photo showing the trains etc, I've no idea how he did it but he put the two photos together to try and line them up and ta da!  The effect was as below, a ghost train.  He has of course tried to wind up anyone who would listen, but I can confirm that it's a camera trick, although a good one at that!

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