Getting to Grips with Facebook Timeline
22nd March 2012
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Since the end of February, when Facebook announced that Timeline was coming to Facebook Pages, there has been a flurry of activity in many quarters. Businesses and agencies getting their Pages ready for the changeover.

Florizel Media Facebook Timeline

But I’m amazed at how many haven’t been updated. OK, so we’ve got a week left (Facebook will change any Pages that haven’t been manually changed on the 30th March) and maybe some are planning to do the upgrades in the next week. However I just wonder how many will be switched over without any thought as to how things have changed.

It’s not just a question of getting a new cover image either (although with that amount of screen real estate you’d be mad not to use it). There are many other changes too. If you have custom landing pages for visitors who haven’t ‘liked’ your page they won’t be functioning. They will still be there but you cannot now put anything between you and the visitor before they visit your Page. If you have other apps they will need some updating – the space available is now greater and you don’t really want something squashed into less space than it could be.

There are new features like Messaging – have you thought about how you’re going to use that? And what about Milestones, Highlighted posts and Pinned posts? We’ve put together a brief overview of the changes which you can download - Facebook Timeline for Pages - and there are some links at the bottom of this post which I hope you’ll find useful. Whatever you do, don’t do nothing!

Timeline IS going to make a difference with the way you interact with your followers. Whether this is in a good way or a bad way is up to you.

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