Getting the Celebrity Treatment
14th February 2012
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It's the 54th Grammy Awards Ceremony in America, this year the occasion has been somewhat overshadowed by the sad death of Whitney Houston, nevertheless conversation between some of my female friends turned to the goodie bags that the already privileged recipients are given to make their evening more pleasurable.  This year's goodie bags are purported to be worth a staggering $21,000 and comprise a plethora of exquisite gifts including, my sources tell me, vouchers for travel by private jet.  

My friends were complaining that nothing like this ever happens to us ordinary people in Dunfermline however I beg to differ as this week I felt like a mini celebrity myself.  Candi from the fabulous Candi's Cupcake Boutique in Dunfermline delivered a lovely box of her beautiful cupcakes for Tina and I to sample.  They were (notice the past tense) lovely cupcakes.  I had a great big wodge small nibble of each, I was particularly impressed with the Red Velvet cupcake that my youngest son had bagged, I did well and resisted the urge to wrestle him to the ground for it >polishes good Mum halo< but that is of course because I now know the 'dealer' AKA Candi personally and have her on speed dial for more supplies.  

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