Eating out in Fife
24th April 2012
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Lunch, is it enjoyable or a necessity?


When you are out and about what do you do about food? There are only so many sausage rolls and sandwiches you can eat, and healthy foods are normally too impractical to eat on the move.

Stopping for lunch can be costly in terms of both time and money, so what options do we have?

Constantly faced with this battle I have recently taken up going to hotels for meals, contrary to popular belief food in these venues is not over priced, in fact generally I have found hotels to offer meals considerably cheaper than restaurants. Add to this the fact that most hotels have Wi Fi you can make it a working lunch. Generally the hotels are very quiet at lunchtime and fairly flexible where you choose to eat, this enables a very relaxing working/eating relationship that could almost be classified as leisure.

If you have any tips on eating on the move please feel free to post them as comments.

Happy eating!

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