Dunfermline Loses Accident & Emergency Service
18th January 2012
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So the time has finally come, on Thursday, 19th January 2012 Dunfermline will lose it's Accident and Emergency Service at Queen Margaret Hospital and A&E Services will be centralised in Kirkcaldy, a mere 16 miles away.  

I think most in the area would agree with me that it's not a good thing for Dunfermline.  Do not worry says the NHS, it's OK, you'll still have a 24 hour Minor Injuries Clinic, that's brilliant but to be honest I've never lost any sleep worrying about getting to the Hospital with a cut, suspected fracture or other so called minor injury, I know I should be grateful for small mercies that these services will still stay with us but the thing I lose sleep about is how long it would take to transport a friend or loved one who was seriously ill or injured to Kirkcaldy, that would be a long 16 miles for someone in a critcal condition ... doesn't bear thinking about.  

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