Dunfermline Children's Gala
20th June 2012
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This Saturday is the famous Dunfermline Children's Gala which has been going since 1902. The association of the Gala with Andrew Carnegie started in 1903 when he and his wife sponsored it, and of course by 1904 he had purchased Pittencrief Park where the Gala has terminated ever since. The Carnegie trust funded the Gala until 1970. When they stopped  funding it  the future of the Gala was in serious jeopardy, however as it had become such a part of Dunfermline's heritage the Provost managed to save it. With costs reaching £45000 it is quite an expense and is nowdays sponsored by local businesses.

These days the Gala continues well past lunch with entertainment and shows taking place in Pittencrief Park.

This year there is an olympic theme to it and hence the name 'The Galympics' there are 21 schools taking part in the parade, which starts at the top of the High Street at 11am.

With over 15000 people watching the parade there is likely to be a high demand on transport and parking facilities. Unfortunately there are no alternative travel or parking arrangements in place so be sure to plan ahead or you may end up missing the parade due to lack of nearby parking.

For more detailed information refer to Dunfermline Children's Gala.

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