DEX 'Mark II'
26th January 2012
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Dunfermline looks set to expand again, with the latest plans being nicknamed DEX 'Mark II', did they not learn the first time?  Surely one DEX (Dunfermline's Eastern Expansion) is more than enough?  

I'm not going to argue this from an artichitectural perspective, afterall every man's home is his castle and we've all got different tastes but rather from the other side of the coin, does Dunfermline need another housing estate for Edinburgh?  As far as I can see from the original DEX, for the main part, those who sleep there at night, while no doubt lovely people, actually live their lives in Edinburgh.  It's a Catch 22 situation, small businesses close in Dunfermline while a great proportion of it's residents spend their money outside the town, those who are in Edinburgh every day for work and other activities spend their money in Edinburgh because they don't always know what's on offer in Dunfermline.  Now I don't know about you but I not only sleep in Dunfermline but I live here too, I don't want to have to go to Edinburgh for my shopping, I want to shop local in Dunfermline.  I think everyone who lives in this town should give something back and I would urge anyone living in DEX to go into Dunfermline and have a look in our small independent shops and use our independent businesses, you might be surprised! 

To the Council, if you do decide to go ahead with the proposed DEX 'Mark II' please don't repeat what you have done in the original DEX and make a multi national supermarket the hub of the whole community, give Dunfermline a chance!  


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