Dangerous buses!
1st February 2012
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Buses!!!  They think the own the road!  Now I understand the provision for buses, the Highway Code states "Give priority to these vehicles when you can do so safely, especially when they signal to pull away from stops. Look out for people getting off a bus or tram and crossing the road."  but since when did this mean that buses could just pull out without any care or consideration for other road users?  Surely there should be at least a slight hesitation on behalf of the bus driver as he or she checks that their large vehicle is not going to be responsible for crushing another road user?  Why is it our responsibility to move out of the way?  I am always considerate and give way to buses but when one is sitting in a bus stop, presumably loading or unloading passengers I would not expect them to suddenly decide to launch their vehicle into the carriageway without as much as a flicker of their indicator light in warning.  Only a few days ago I heard from a friend that she had been a passenger on a bus when it had been involved in an incident.  According to my friend the bus couldn't manoeuvre past a parked white van (I won't start on the white van people of Fife just yet, maybe in a future Blog), the bus driver decided there wasn't enough room and sought out the white van driver to ask him to move the van, the van driver said that there was plenty of room and he wasn't moving his van (I'm sure it wasn't all as polite as that), then the bus driver proceeded to plough into the back of the white van.  Now, where was the sense in that?  The poor paying passengers, were now stuck waiting in the hope that another kamikaze bus driver could get them to their destination unharmed.  

Unless things change and bus drivers become more courteous I could see there being a serious accident in the vicinity of Dunfermline.  Please Mr Bus Driver, you've got a responsiblity to Mirror, Signal, Manouver too, if you give us some advance warning of your movements I'm sure the majority of us will keep our side of the bargain and give you priority on the road.  

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