Beaches and road works
18th October 2011
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At the beginning of last week I established myself in the bestoffife offices in Rosyth. Commuting to and  from my office I wonder what the road works between Halbeath and Queensferry are in aid of, so far I have not seen any activity. Could the works be associated with the start of the new bridge?

While last week was extremely busy with back to back meetings I somehow managed to find time to get down to Kirkcaldy beach on Tuesday. While enjoying what now seems like the end of the summer I noticed a number of similar shaped ceramic peices on the beach, my intrigue got the better of me and I thought I want to know what these are? In the course of my investigations I approached relatives in Kirkcaldy who jokingly said; no idea, hope they are not radioactive. You can immagine my suprise the next day when the news was all about a peice of radioactive metal on the beach in Dalgety Bay. Once I managed to prize the offending articles off my kids who thought they were great toys I continued with my enquiries. The best answer I have had so far is that they are waste products from ceramic injection molding. How did so many of them get on the beach I wonder?

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