Baby Steps
2nd May 2012
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After making the leap and deciding to start the business we wanted to avail ourselves of any help and assistance that was out there.   As Tina was unemployed at the time we had access to the new business start up advisor (not sure if that's his correct title) in the Job Centre, nice guy, wacky hair, you might know him!  We were in that meeting a very long time and left feeling inspired and enthusiastic but also a little bit confused and overwhelmed, only natural I suppose.  

We had been advised to write a business plan, prepare cash flow projections and write an agreement between ourselves.  Did we do all this?  I must confess no, we had a go at the projections, discussed and wrote notes on our proposed agreement and I think there was half a business plan floating about somewhere.  Overwhelmed would be a good way to describe how we felt at the time.  Most of this forward planning felt very strange, almost like embarking on a work of fiction. 

This was also the day of our first business lunch, we went to The Inn @ Carnock, had a very nice lunch and the time to discussed everything we had learned at our meeting.  

The first major decision we made was to attend a networking event, more about that next time!  

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