Arthritis, Physiotherapy & Exercise
27th August 2013
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It has long been evident that exercise is good for us, especially as we get older.  Yet people still regularly come to our clinic feeling that they are unable to exercise due to pain in relation to arthritis and that there is nothing they can do to reduce their symptoms.  Yes arthritis is a degenerative change within the joint; however it is not necessarily this degeneration that is the cause of pain.  Where arthritis is present, joints can often become stiff and this in turn can cause tension in the surrounding muscles and chronic weakness, all of which can lead to pain.  It is these secondary symptoms of arthritis such as stiffness and muscle imbalance that can frequently cause pain, and physiotherapists are ideally placed to help alleviate this. 


Physiotherapists are experts in human anatomy and physical function.  Ultimately, they aim to restore normal movement and symmetry in the body.  They can use a variety of treatment methods including manual techniques such as massage and joint mobilisations, alongside prescribing specific exercise to focus on isolated muscles or functions.  A specific exercise programme to help restore strength in the muscles that support the joint can help ensure the joint is well supported and not taking excess strain as you move.


Physiotherapy at the clinic will often involve a combination of treatment methods and can include adjuncts such as aquatic therapy, acupuncture and clinical pilates.  Having the gym and pool on site in a multidisciplinary environment, make it an ideal place to rehabilitate from a range of different conditions under expert guidance.

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