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When someone close to you has cancer, it is so lovely to have support from the likes of The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice. Please consider supporting them. Well done on all the work you do.
Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice do an absolutely fantastic job. Until you have the misfortune of having a loved one come to the end of their days, you never really come across hospices. I certainly had no appreciation of what a hospice does until my father was looked after by my local hospice in his final days. They were an absolute god-send and I cannot re-pay them enough.
Phyllis Tuckwell need to raise over £10,000 a day to keep open (yes - they are a charity and are not part of the NHS!). Please support them like I do - fundraising, helping out etc. They really do need people like you and me.
A wonderful bunch of people working really hard for a fantastic cause.
The level of care and support Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice offer patients and their families is incredible.
Most of us may not even realise that the hospice exists but when one of your loved ones is terminally ill, you soon come to appreciate the care, support and wonderful atmosphere of PTH. My dear mother-in-law spent her last few days here and the staff helped tremendously in what were such terribly sad days for us, and made Mummy Jane as comfortable as possible. We will always value and appreciate what you do. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts x
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