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Project:Dance! Devon, Barnstaple

Karen and Steve are fantastic. My wife and I danced regularly with an exeptional instructor while living in London. Since leaving however (over 14 years ago) we struggled to find someone that came up to our exacting standards, too many people are happy to accept mediocre performance from capable students. We came accross this couple about four years ago and were really happy with their passion for excellence because, although we joined a beginners' class at Umberleigh, they made sure to give us tips to help us refine our basic technique. My wife then started suffering badly from vertigo and any quick turns were out of the question as they made her feel terribly nautius so we stopped dancing. Recently, we saw an advert for a new beginners' class in Crediton and thought this might be something she could cope with so signed up. Steve and Karen welcomed us as old friends and after making them aware of Clare's difficulty have agreed to adapt any of their routines to be something that will minimise the discomfort of dizziness. They are both exeptionally patient and willing to do anything to help everyone in the room progress regardless of their current level of ability, an absolute blessing to all. Thank you, whole heartedly from Damian