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Chris Prentis is the independent distributor for Simply Naturals, a British company established in 2012. The company’s core product, Sizzling Minerals, is the world’s first plant derived Mineral Supplement in a convenient effervescent form. This 100% natural drink is certified to have 75 pure plant derived minerals with no added sugar or preservatives.

For optimum health we need 60 different minerals in our daily diet.  Modern farming methods have left our soils seriously depleted.  So however good your diet and lifestyle may be, the lack of nature’s foundation for good health will eventually take its toll.  Your good health is your greatest asset. Everyone needs these vital 75 plant based minerals. The company is debt free, owns its premises in Surrey and is led by Directors with a proven track record in direct selling.  Simply Naturals are already operating in 27 European countries and the USA. Recognizing the need to inform and educate the market, the company is giving individual entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own part time business, to build their own teams and earn a steadily increasing residual income, car bonus, holiday bonus and share options.  Distributors can work at their own pace building their business at a pace that suits their circumstances.  Uniquely, in this type of business, there are no minimum performance criteria required in order to be paid your regular commissions.  The compensation plan is a beauty! In an age of little job security, deteriorating pensions and ever more distant retirement dates can you afford not to have a plan B?  Or better still isn’t it about time you started to work part time on your fortune? 

Chris and his team will help you every inch of the way as your success is their success. 

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