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In this day and age engaging with a broad spectrum of people of all ages is challenging, particularly for a museum and all the pre-conceived ideas that many have about them. RAMM manages to break down these pre-conceptions and creates an environment that you want to visit not just once, but return to time and time again to enjoy both the beautiful and relaxing space as well as the artefacts themselves. From a personal point of view going in as a jaded 50 year old and coming out as excited as a child is a magical experience!!!?
This is my third visit. The museum is very inventive and exciting.
What a fantastic refurbishment we couldn't get our grandchildren out I've visited the RAMM for many years and had immense pleasure doing so. Now it must rank as one of the most stimulating museums in the country. Wonderful, thank you.
What has been done to the RAMM should do the city absolutely proud, bringing the old and the new harmoniously together. It has taken the Museum to a much higher level. The chosen colours, especially, have not only brought out the architectural details, but given emphasis to the exhibits. The absence of a shop is, perhaps, disappointing. People coming to such a splendid museum would want to go away with something (a postcard, catalogue, souvenir, or booklet) that they would want to help them to remember, or to study further, be it a fossil, butterfly, work of art, or exhibition. The RAMM has a lot of treasures that can cope with that. As I said to Camilla, I personally would have liked to have a book of some sort about the "Road to Rome", as it has a particular local interest, and a lot of work has been put into it. The RAMM has a long tradition of being dedicated, inventive, and inspiring. And it has been continued by all of you magnificently. Many, many congratulations,
Just to say I think the new museum is great - all that beautiful wood and glass. A superb, imaginative restoration. As for the art exhibition, it took my breath away. How did we get something as good as that in Exeter?
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