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Dream-A-Way work really hard to ensure that their fundraising ensures they help even more local people with disabilities to enjoy a holiday or outing They do this as complete volunteers ... noone receives any salaries, expenses or honoraria
I love Dream-A-Way because they gave my family a fantastic holiday at Sandy Bay! The holiday was the first we have had and it really was awesome! Thank you Dream-A-Way! You're special.
A splendid charity that is very active in the local Exeter & nearby community!
A fantastic charity - thank you for supporting my family - you are easily, the very best!
I would like to say how fantastic this charity is. Myself and other disabled people in our local area have had a fantastic time away and this would have been something I could never have done!
This charity provides an invaluable support for local families. Very good at what they do!
They work so hard for local people and none of the committee get paid like other charity.
I love Dream-A-Way because they do a brilliant job. They help people like me with disabilities to have a brilliant holiday! Thanks.
Dream-A-Way and it's members have helped myself and my family in so many ways! Their kindness + support has been immeasurable!!
Dream-A-Way is a wonderful charity, they help people enjoy a holiday when they really need it! My family really were made to feel special. We love Dream-A-Way!
I think this is an excellent charity as over 99% of funds raised goes towards helping children and adults with disabilities to enjoy a dream holiday , short break or day out!
Dream-A-Way is what a charity should be run by volunteers who take no expenses, it is local and helps children, adults and careers holidays/outings we couldn't normally afford.
Dream-A-Way helps so many people that wouldn't be able to have a holiday, to enjoy one. They really are a wonderful local charity. A charity where all the money goes to the people that need it most!
Dream-A-Way have helped so many people in the 21 years they have been going. The volunteers are amazing and they do it all in their own time. Great!
Brilliant and unique charity who are excellent at everything they do! Well done!
Dream-A-Way helped my family have their dream holiday. It will always be a happy memory forever!
This charity has done so much for so many local people, knowing that they are all volunteers and give their time for free is quite admirable. They are always so highly thought of!
I really love this charity as everyone is a volunteer, and the work outcomes are great - and the clients really benefit!
I am just amazed at the brilliant efforts this charity makes for so many people who are disadvantaged & making a massive difference for them.
Great charity allowing families with a disabled member to enjoy a holiday and have a rest!
Fantastic charity, so impressive to work so hard for disabled people without anybody getting paid. All moneys raised goes towards holidays.
An excellent local charity helping many thousands of local people to have a well deserved break. Especially worthwhile as all connected are non paid volunteers!
Brilliant, outstanding work, providing holiday grants for the disabled. Bravo!
The charity is local and alot of good work for our community. The volunteers don't receive any way for all there good work they do!
Charity that is local and gets a lot of advise and help for families who need that extra bit of care!
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Dream-A-Way, the local Exeter based charity run entirely by a dedicated volunteer team , were absolutely delighted to celebrate their 21st annual golf day at wonderful Woodbury Park recently on a day which... Read article
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