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DAA is literally an incredible life saver. So many people would not be here today were it not for them. The crew are the friendliest, kindest people you could ever meet and they genuinley care - it not "just" a job for them.
Amazing charity that has literally saved thousands of lives. We are so grateful to have them. Thank you Devon air ambulance service - keep up the great work 🚁
I love the amazing work the aircrew do, and the fact they saved the lives of two of my friends, one of whom would have suffered life changing injuries, the other was told she would have died if she hadn't been flown to hospital so quickly. I love the fact they are not government funded and manage to raise several million pounds each and every year!
Rescued my son 4 years and off Dartmoor and although he still bares the scars without 'he's helicopter', as he still calls it when it flys over, who knows what the outcome could have been. Can never thank you enough keep up the good work.
One of the most important services needed when you live in this beautiful but often isolated area. So very grateful to know they're there!
Apart from being the nicest, kindest people you could ever wish to meet, they save lives. Have met them twice,once whilst taking advantage of the service they offer (obviously not the best situation in which to meet people), the 2nd time was much more pleasant whilst on a visit to their airbase. They truly are amazingly dedicated individuals and are performing a service that we cannot afford not to have.
An invaluable service that we, living by the coast, could not live without!
Devon Air Ambulance is an excellent local charity working tirelessly to save lives. They do brilliant work across the county and it's always very exciting to see their helicopters out and about.
I had a road traffic incident on a busy Bank Holiday Sunday and suffered multiple fractures. Devon Air Ambulance took just 4 minutes to get me to hospital, a road journey which would have taken about 45 minutes. I believe that I wouldn't have made such a good recovery and be as able bodied as I am today, if it were not for the speed of treatment received. I will be thankful forever to this amazing service and the community who fund it.
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