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Regional National Insurance Holiday

Will your business qualify for the Reginal National Insurance Hoiliday, a new scheme anounced the this years emergancy budget?


Many accountancy firms use the term "added value" when describing the services they offer. But do they or their clients really know what this means?

The Emergency Budget - A Quick Gide

George Osborne, the Chancellor has delivered his first budget speech....The Emergency Budget.

Find out how the changes impact on you.

Tips for saving tax!

17 June 2010 08:01

Everyone has to pay tax but do you pay too much?
These are my 10 top tips for reducing your tax bill.

 Why you should have a Shareholders Agreement

A shareholders Agreement is a simple yet effective document aimed at limiting potential disagreements within a business.

Emergency Budget will it affect you ?

June 22 will see the new governments first budget. How will this affect you
This article will give an insight of what to do.

Furnished Holiday Lettings - an update!

The proposed change to the furnished holiday lettings rules has (for now) been put on hold.

All change for Car and Fuel Benefits

The tax rules on car and fuel benefits change on the 6 April. How does this impact on you?

Budget - A Small Businesses View

The Budget and how it will impact on your small business whether in Evesham or further afield.

Planning for success in life and business

The most successfull and profitable businesses have a formal plan documenting where they are now and where they want to be in the future. The plan acts as the roadmap to help achieve their goals.

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