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Free flags for Evesham businesses

A patriotic local councillor has donated 60 flags to fly in Evesham this summer- celebrate with her and brighten up the town

Asparagus event and regatta cancelled in Evesham

The weeks wet weather and high river levels have led to the cancellation of at leas 2 events in Evesham this weekend.

Thinking of Creating your own home?

Tony Rowland describes how pleasing being involved with the creation of your own home can be, and the setbacks that can occur.

Is your let property up to standard?

Tony Rowland talks about the lettings market from a landlords perspective and the common problems that tenants face with their properties being below par.

A look at lease break clauses.

Tony Rowland of Timothy Lea and Griffiths gives an insight into lease break clauses and how you should always get the correct professional advice before entering into a lease.

The property doctor takes a look at windows!

Tony Rowland, The Evesham Property Doctor takes a look at at windows and their development over time to the modern day Green windows we have today.

Evesham Abbey Bridge rebuild give your views

Eveshams town traffic will see some disruption when it is closed in the summer of 2013. See the current plans here and go to the roadshow to have your say.

Property in the Port Du Soleil

03 February 2012 12:25

An Original article by Tony Rowland of Timothy Lea and Griffiths of his observations on the structures built in the Alpine Village of Port Du Soleil

Evesham High School reunion

19 January 2012 15:49

If you are 50 odd years old and an Eveshamite or Asumite and went to Four Pools School - Evesham High School 1965-1972 then this is for you- please spread the word.

Business Ratepayers consultation Breakfast Wychavon

Wychavon District Council is preparing its budget for 2012/13.
The consultation will start at 7.30am with breakfast.It will include presentations on the proposed budget, updates on council tax & business rates, & business support available from Wychavon.