Evesham High School reunion
19th January 2012
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You know it makes sense! over 50? Read on !

We all know that our school days influenced all of us in many different ways.Friendships were made from infant/junior school up to secondary school and in some instances onto university.So after some 40 ish years of leaving secondary school I think it may be time to renew some of those friendships before we all get stuck into the armchair and slippers!

This particular age group were, as pointed out by Terry (Taffy) Davies (ex Chemistry EHS ),unique inasmuch we looked after one another and always questioned not taking anything for granted and as he said made it the best time of his teaching career.Hence the reunion quite a few already know of it but there will be room for a few more

The venue can not be publicised ( but is in Evesham) so please contact me for that information.If you feel a little daunted at the prospect I can say that phoning people up you have not spoken to for 40 ish years is brilliant and the years roll away as memories come flooding back and it is exactly the same on that face to face meeting!

Make The Effort Reunion “

Ex Pupils EHS from 1965 - 1972 

All welcome no food no pressure just music from the time and nostalgia by the bucketful on

28th July 2012 from 7.00pm

Make the Effort and put it in your diary/phone/kindle/laptop and remember your dancing shoes !!!!

If you were there between those years please try to contact at least one who you were at school with by facebook/friends reunited/telephone/email/carrier pigeon/letter as long as everyone is aware that it is at least 40 years since we left school.School uniform is optional but the thought is a little scary as I am sure we have all changed a little in 40 years -Partners are welcome if they can stand the nostalgia so don't be shy 

Make the Effort to come along and you never know you might just have fun

for further information please contact Richard Cook

richard.a.cook@btinternet.com 01926 484649 or 07920048003

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