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17th September 2014
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REPORTS of the demise of newspapers I believe are greatly exaggerated. There will always be a need for newspapers at a local and national level, but the way journalism operates constantly needs to evolve.

One of my first editors said to me: "If there was a crash on the M5 this morning, readers will go online for the news, they'll read the paper for the reaction."

It's advice I have kept in mind every day since I became editor of the Observer. Our website and social media pages will often tell you the 'Who, What, Where and When' and the newspaper will elaborate more on the 'Why'.

I believe a local newspaper needs to have a Facebook page, a Twitter profile and a easily readable website to prosper in what is still a very packed market.

If there was that crash on the M5 or A46, you will want to know immediately, social media allows the instant reaction.

Interaction is also key, I regularly take part in Worcestershire Hour on Twitter and of course we set up Evesham Hour to talk to the people who matter, our readers.

I also found it fascinating to use the 'Evesham Questions' page on Facebook a fortnight ago. I asked people for their views or comments about the Observer and some of the replies, positive and negative, were very interesting to read.

Yes, the newspaper as a sole entity is no longer king. However the printed word still has a part to play among the various ways we get our news.

What do you think about the future of newspapers?


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