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This article was written by Evesham Letting agents Timothy Lea and Griffiths and is well worth a read if you rent property out to private tenants, especially if you are thinking of tweaking the rent a little !
Contemplating Piles
Contemplating Piles
Contemplating Piles? The quick witted amongst you will be thinking what medical ailment you are suffering from this week. I however will be referring to construction techniques, which hopefully are substantially less painful on the body, but have much more serious consequences on the wallet.
Tony Rowland describes how pleasing being involved with the creation of your own home can be, and the setbacks that can occur.
Tony Rowland talks about the lettings market from a landlords perspective and the common problems that tenants face with their properties being below par.
Tony Rowland, The Evesham Property Doctor takes a look at at windows and their development over time to the modern day Green windows we have today.
The charity covering Herefordshire and Worcestershire that supports bereaved children has been forced to cut services due to funding shortages.If you can help Noah,s Ark Trust please contact them.
Tony Rowland, the property doctor, talks about how the construction of walls has changed over the years up the present day methods and technologies in construction of walls.
Timothy Lea and Griffiths' Tony Rowland explains about insulating concrete formwork and how it's becoming a more frequently used method of building.
If you wonder why new homes and extensions are prone to shrinkage and cracks then this article answers those questions.From Eveshams property expert.
Tony Rowland gives advice on what to do with damp in your property. A useful item to save and come back to.
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