The Venue - Evesham at the Public Hall
12th May 2016
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Please help us to save the Public Hall now called,

'the Venue - Evesham'

We are working with Wychavon, Aviva and the Charities Commission to register the charity that will run the Venue at the Public Hall.

We need your support at the start and hope you will be happy to donate toward this project.  We are locals and need to raise funds to cover the registration costs, the website costs and the upcomming costs of an architect and other things.

If you would like to help us bring the old Evesham Public Hall back to life as 'the Venue - Evesham',

Please help us:

Our website is:


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'the Venue - Evesham' at the Public Hall

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'the Venue' - Evesham is the Charity that will be running the Evesham Public Hall in the Future.
We are working with Wychavon, aviva and the Charities commission, will be forming a CIO charity that will...

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